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Advice tailored for individual businesses?

All businesses are different and the problems and challenges that affect each will vary depending on what stage they are at. At Apex Advisors Chartered Accountants, our business advisors help small businesses in the Southern Highlands and South West Sydney naviagate these challenges.

Apex Advisors can help businesses navigate the challenges such as adapting to changes, for example buying/selling behaviours, shifts in markets, logistical challenges, product fads, etc. The approaches will also vary depending on the business owner's goals and where they are in the business life cycle.

By understanding the key drivers at each stage of the business life cycle,  business owner can respond to current and future challenges.

Find out what stage is your business at




Starting a business


The best way to start a business is with professional help. There are so many factors that need to combine seamlessly if you want to run a profitable venture. (more)


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Growing a business

Do you want to grow your business? Opportunities for growth are always available. Here are some of the options to boost your business. (more)


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Established business

One of the critical stages in a business life-cycle is when sales and growth starts to plateau. This is a sign of maturity where a business owner may tend to slip into a comfort zone (more)

Declining business

There are times when products begin to decline due to varied reasons. Advances in technology, lifestyle changes, and changing customer demographics are a few of the reasons that create declining markets (more)

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Exiting a business

One of the most important aspects of a business plan is an exit strategy. Even if you haven’t given this too much thought, now is the time to focus on formulating an exit plan (more)


Buying a business

You may have all that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur but there is a big difference when you start a business from scratch or choose to buy an existing profitable business (more)


Selling a business

How do you get the best price? Who is the right buyer? How do you keep the tax bill low on the proceeds? How do you get the most from your business sale? (more)

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