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Exiting a business

One of the most important aspects of a business plan is an exit strategy.

Exit strategies – Options

Without proper succession planning you may end up with a lifetime of achievements all coming to nothing in the end. Exiting a business can pose a number of problems, not to mention the stress as well, which can be best avoided with sound advice, preparation and planning. That’s the best way to ensure the entire process moves smoothly.

Common strategies include

1. Family succession
2. Outright sale
3. Management buyout

Receive the maximum price for your business

If you want the best price when exiting a business you need to carefully consider:

1. Focus on adding value to your existing business, rather than only on sales
2. Learn the art of being a mentor and provide support for the successor management team
3. Keep your business within high value markets
4. Identify and implement systems that lead to business growth
5. Exit at the right time when your business is on the rise
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